Mitiska REIM is a privately held specialist real estate investment and fund advisory firm headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. We focus exclusively on the niche of peripheral retail properties in Europe, both retail parks and convenience centres.

Our approach is to unlock opportunities and drive superior value creation through the execution of development projects, refurbishment, redevelopment and repositioning of standing assets, and skilled active asset management.

Full execution of development projects

Refurbishment, redevelopment and repositioning of standing assets

Skilled active asset management

Strong equity financing capability

Deal structuring expertise

Exit value creation


In 2012, Mitiska REIM was founded by Mitiska as its real estate investment management company subsidiary, and an expansion of Mitiska’s real estate activities.

Mitiska has a rich history, spanning nearly 30 years of private equity investments in the retail universe. Founded in 1990 as an investment fund in primarily retail activities, Mitiska has invested in over 30 retailers and conducted successful IPOs of Brantano (1990), Innogenetics (1996) and Retail Estates (1998).


Mitiska REIM initiated a first investment fund in 2013, First Retail International (FRI), which closed at €75 million equity.

In December 2016, Mitiska REIM successfully closed a second fund, First Retail International 2 (FRI 2), at €223 million equity. This closing exceeded the original hard cap of €200 million and was substantially above its initial target of €120-150 million. In September 2019, shareholders unanimously agreed to a €40 million capital increase on FRI 2.

Investors in FRI and FRI 2 comprise a high quality and diverse base including pension funds, insurance companies, family offices and high net worth individuals.