At Mitiska REIM, we recognise that achieving sustainable urban growth is an important and pressing issue both today and in the future. We believe that considerations concerning ESG factors play a crucial role in being a responsible fund advisor and are a key driver in creating long-term value for all our

stakeholders and for society by making our business and our managed assets ‘future-proof’. Mitiska REIM is therefore committed to incorporating environmental, social and governance factors across all aspects of its business activities.


Focus area #1

Managing our own business in a responsible way taking ESG aspects into account

Managing our own business to deliver business integrity, trust and reputation in our corporate governance and daily operations, and in dealing with suppliers, local authorities, partners, and our team who are our most important ESG ambassadors.

Focus area #2

Incorporating ESG criteria in the acquisition and development processes of new real estate assets

Making ESG factors an integral part of the investment and development process, with the potential to increase the value of our investment portfolio, reduce exposure to risk, and play an important part in ‘future-proofing’ assets.

Focus area #3

Taking ESG aspects into consideration while managing the assets of the funds we advise or manage

Taking account of environmental, social and governance aspects in managing our assets serves the best interests of the tenants in our properties, our local co-investment and business partners, and the communities in which our assets are located.


Mitiska REIM’s ESG activity is led by a dedicated ESG Taskforce and is overseen by the Executive Committee. To ensure ESG is integrated across all parts of the business, members of the ESG Taskforce are drawn from a wide representation of senior staff and from different business areas.

The ESG Taskforce meets monthly and monitors the incorporation of ESG issues into the investment decision making and asset management processes. Furthermore, the ESG operational responsibilities are spread across the whole organisation to ensure a transversal and integrated approach.

For further information on Mitiska REIM’s ESG approach or asset specific environmental policies, please email






We recognise that to conduct our business responsibly, the Mitiska REIM team are one of our most important assets. By providing the team with the necessary knowledge and background on ESG, they will share the same values and become ambassadors for the company and joint partners in putting Mitiska REIM’s ESG ambitions into practice.


We have a responsibility to offer our tenants buildings which are safe, healthy and comfortable both for them, their employees and customers, and that meet the requirements for their business activities. In addition, we are engaging with our tenants to increase the environmental performance of our buildings.


Our investment model is partnership driven and we are actively working and engaging with partners such as property managers, joint venture partners, asset managers and suppliers to ensure alignment with Mitiska REIM’s objectives and commitments, in addition to cooperating with them on driving ESG performance.


We are committed to incorporating ESG factors into the analysis and due diligence aspects of our investment and risk management processes, so we have the potential to enhance the value of our assets for investors. We continuously engage with investors to capture their ESG expectations.


We work closely with local authorities across nearly 80 sites in Europe where we have standing assets or development projects. We feel it is our duty to engage with local authorities and to ensure compliance with regulations, including data privacy and cybersecurity, as well as to endorse fair tax practices


The assets in our portfolio impact the lives of the communities and neighbourhoods in which they are located. It is therefore our responsibility and that of our local partners to take these communities into account in our asset-related decisions and to actively identify the needs and impact of our assets on local communities.



Operational properties BREEAM certified


Operational properties certified “Very Good” BREEAM in-use rating


Operational properties certified “Excellent” BREEAM in-use ratings


Percentage of operational assets monitored at the tenant level for energy and water consumption


Green leases signed by our tenants, with green leases planned for all future developments and acquisitions


Percentage of female representation within the Mitiska REIM team, with a total staff of 8 different nationalities