Mitiska REIM combines its deep knowledge of the real estate market with world-class investment management, and complements this with the experience of its strategic partners to drive superior value creation.

Property Type

Mitiska REIM focuses on the peripheral retail property sector, both clustered standalone units as integrated retail parks.

Transaction Type

Mitiska REIM pursues value added and opportunistic real estate opportunities through direct equity and structured financing activities where value can be created through repositioning assets, leasing vacant spaces, extending leases, renovations, redevelopment, new development and rezoning and selling land.

Transaction Structure

Mitiska REIM’s investment model is partnership driven. Mitiska REIM positions itself as an active, value add financial investor collaborating with experienced, co-investing local partners in their respective geographies.

Investment Size

Through its well-established pan-European network, Mitiska REIM continually expands and maintains a diverse pipeline of attractive investments in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, with a typical range of transaction value from € 5 million to € 75 million.